Why plant trees?

Have you ever wonder
what would be a world without trees?
So, we just need to close our eyes and imagine ...
 a wasteland planet ...
Trees are a critical factor of our existence ... if we close our nose ..


How long can we live?

we wouldn't want to reach the place, like the movie of The Lorax In Search of Lost Trúfula.

without tree there is no life 
and if we do not plant trees and educate the awareness
to our children to care of the nature and the environment,
Who will?

Let's see what Dr. Elaine Soloway says an expert on the subject:

"The only way to revive an area suffering from desertification by planting trees, to allow other plants, animals, insects and birds return to the area. The trees are the key element of the ecosystem.

Trees are a cure for many environmental problems. Not only are the lungs of the world, they are also the air conditioning in the world. Cool soils, allow rain returns, because the cold air that rises, equivalent to the clouds not fly, but let the rain fall.

Trees also stabilize soils are eroding. Paran sandstorms. Planted as shelterbelts around towns, villages and farms. Store carbon, and thereby counteract the effects of global warming. If one third of the planet was covered with forests, many of our problems would diminish and even disappear. "


Indian Proverb:
"He who before his death has planted a tree, has not lived in vain"

Help us to plant trees and contribute now to reforest the environment we live in, for our survival and that of all the species that inhabit this planet.

If you agree with us, we need your help Join us

Reasons to Plant a Tree

Trees decrease pollution.

Oxygenate the air.

Refresh the atmosphere.

They reduce noise pollution.

They are small ecosystems.

Involved in the water cycle.

Protect the soil.


Without trees there is no life on this planet!

If you agree with us, we need your help Join us


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