P.A.Z. AssociatiÓn

PAZ” - “Plantar Árboles en la Zona

PAZ in Spanish mean also - peace
P stand for - (Plantar) - PLANTING
A stand for - (Árboles) - Trees
Z stand for - (Zona) - Area
"Planting Trees in the area"

The main activity of the Association is the awareness in the importance of the
nature in our lives, teaching values ​​- through tree planting
with informative workshops and motivation - as well as the 
development of the region in their naturally playful side.

The major part of the activity will be held in collaboration with volunteers, businesses, clubs and any group interested in joining the association.
This collaboration is international, and there have been some contacts with foreign citizens of different countries.

The associacionse presented in different formats, among others, language camps, field trips for all ages, day camps among family, friends, associations, picnic, ect.


  1. Tree planting. (Starting at Feb 2013)
  2. Environmental recovery of affected areas.


  1. Organic Garden
  2. Educational Activities and Workshops
  3. Educational workshops (animals, trees, plants, water, air, senses ...)
  4. Activities alternative health, yoga, meditation, painting, etc ....
  5. International activity - where you invite people to come from different countries with initiatives around nature.
  6. Activities - Weekend (routes, bicycles, cultural programs, climbing, picnic)


  1. Creacion de Parque Multi-Aventura

    Parque de cuerdas, colocadas entre los arboles del bosque de forma perfectamente segura y con monitores dedicados a la vigilancia y acompañamiento de estos usuarios y su compañía.

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How to plant a tree
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