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By choosing to help & plant a tree with us, you will be part of our ambitious plans to recover the areas of the fire in Sierra Tejeda and Sierra Almijara national park. Your donation will contribute not only to the initial planting of the sapling but also the careful nurturing of the tree and woodland over the next years, transforming the land into a flourishing forest in just over a decade.

Alternatively, we are delighted to offer our supporters the opportunity to plant a tree in Canillas de Aceituno starting at Feb 2012.  For this exclusive dedication opportunity your donation will enable us to plant a tree in the area and you will receive a special certificate.

If you would like to adopt a tree please clic here.

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Small Acts, make Big Change..

Here you can choose to participate in the success of our projects.
The association also depends on the contribution of citizens as we are always trying to plant trees in the area and improve the green areas around us. In addition we recently getting involved in a few project "Farm School", "La Fortaleza -Park" Cleaning Natural Park and the Shore & Sea...

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Small Acts, make Big Change..


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