Our vision

scale with moneyA lot of people get difficulty to admit that in their lives, the importance of money grabs is the number one priority, and the denominator of modern life. It has an invisible force that allows the exchange of goods and services ... But, how can we get money if we have no air to breathe, thanks to the trees that generat oxygen - we have life.


The importance of nature in our lives
is essential, and we want to educate all thescale with tree
citizen of it, and teach to value and respect it.
This awareness begins from our children,
they will be our first customer.
They are the generation of the future, the primary objective
is to teach our children to care for nature
planting trees to our environment, cleaning, recycling etc.

Our vision is to have one day a year call

"Arbor Day"
and on this day the citizens will participate in planting trees in the area.

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